Bear Kid Toothbrush

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Not Just a smart toothbrush 

Babahu® Mouthguard Toothbrush (Orthodontic Verson) can effectively clean your litlle one's teeth just in 10 seconds.


One-button Intelligent Handpiece 

The babahu toothbrush has a magnetic levitation acoustic motor, with a vibration frequency of 18,000-40,000 times per minute. Featuring an intelligent brush head identification, combined with the new bass brushing method, and partition vibration frequency. No need to learn how to brush correctly. In normal cleaning mode, you can brush your teeth in 10 seconds. 

6D U- Shape Medical Grade Silicone Brush Head

It is made of medical food-grade antibacterial silicone, cured at 300 degrees centigrades in a single mould, making it easy for cleaning and handlingm and can be disinfected repeatedly at 100 C high temperature. 

Our U-shape mouthguard is patented, with 6D bristles covering all teeth at 45 degree angles, reaching all surfaces. Enjoy 360 degree cleaning and gum care for all teeth. 

Wireless Intelligent Charging Base 

Unique wireless inductive seat charging design. 

Convertible to different brush heads.

With a 2 hours' charge, the hand piece can be used for 30 days of tooth brushing and 3 days of orthodontic massage.