Oclean W1 Protable Water Flosser

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  • Why’s AERODYNAMIC FLOSSING Excellent: Oclean W1 smart Air flosser innovatively adoptes the aerodynamic flossing technology. Using the compressed air power mixed with the water to form sufficient force and avoid gun damage that may be caused by continuous high-pressure water jets.
  • Softer Yet More Effective: Unlike the traditional water flossers, W1’s water stream is mixed with the air umbrella-like spray to clean gentler. Meanwhile through the compressed air power, the impulse could be increased 33% to penetrate the gap between the teeth, remove food residue and stain hidden deep. *Due to the interval spray design, it’s recommended to floss multiple times between each gap, and to flush accurately to the teeth gap to bring out the optimal cleaning effect.
  • More Portable and Efficient Water Pick: Oclean W1 uses air instead of water to provide the flossing power. It needs less water on each spray compared to the pure water flossers. Enabling a portable size with 30ml capacity water tank, only 1/10 of a regular oral irrigator. A tank of water can reach about 160 pulses, each interdental space can be flushed 5 times on average. No refilling required, ensuring an uninterrupted oral dental flossing.
  • 9 Cleaning Modes for Different Needs: Built-in 3 default flossing modes: manual deep cleaning, manual standard cleaning and automatic cleaning. Besides, for more oral condition needs, you can download the Oclean Pro app to choose a suitable mode and personalize your comfort.
  • 30 Days Battery Life: 3 hours fast charge offers 30 days long battery life. Charge this cordless water flosser anywhere with a compatible USB charger (not included) or device with USB ports. Ideal for home and travel use.

Product Specification:

Single machine weight: about 150g

Volume: 41.3*33.9*239mm

Cylinder volume: 3.0ml

Water tank volume: 30ml/150 effective flushing times

Teeth flushing mode: standard, gentle, massage

Pumping frequency: about 3 times per second in standard mode; about 2 times per second in gentle mode

Nozzle nozzle: 1PCS, with pressure relief groove

Bluetooth: BT4.2 or higher, support Oclean APP to issue automatic flushing plan

Charging: USB port/5V 1A charging/2 hours full charge

Battery capacity: 1200mAh

Endurance: 30 tanks of water / flushing teeth once a day, can be used for one month

Water supply speed: 5 injections can form effective pumping water